Synchronicity tracker

Synchronicity is the idea of meaningful coincidence, as described by Carl Jung. Many magical thinkers enjoy watching for moments of it. This list, at present, is a rough way of tracking the concepts and images that occasionally seem to come at me from all directions.

3/24/2022 unexpected Heraclitus

  • Flipped through an introduction to Macrobiotics for health reasons, it was strangely full of Heraclitus quotes.

3/20/2022 platonism in Owen Barfield

  • Picked up a book about Owen Barfield (Poetic Diction) for metaphor reasons, flipped to a random page to read about how generations of modern scholars can’t understand the real meaning of Plato and Aristotle, but they would if they would consider the metaphors more deeply.

3/12/2022 meditations on the tarot

  • Joined the Weird Studies Discord server, where there was a book club starting up for Meditations on the Tarot, which I had vaguely been considering trying to get some people together to start. The book club was supposed to have started already, but had been delayed until the next day (so I was able to join).

1/23/2022 aulos

  • Waiting for an aulos that I ordered to arrive in the mail, but I’ve already received a photo of the finished instrument along with another similar instrument. Today I saw that other aulos in an Instagram post by Josh from the Emerald podcast, and he also confirmed that he just received it from the same maker.

1/1/2022 saffron

  • I’m boiling a saffron tea to use for dying a ritual item. While that’s steeping, I purchased a planetary magic course (Christopher Warnock’s) that I’ve been looking at for a long time. The company listed on my receipt was Saffron Esoteric Services.

1/1/2022 knowledge of God is in relationship

  • Martiana posted a translation of a Greek description of how the Gods shouldn’t be analyzed, which will only leave you with questions and analysis, but should be accepted on their own terms. I said this reminded me of the Psyche myth, where analytical understanding interrupts actual relationship with the divine
  • Jessica Dore’s newsletter mentions Dietrich Bonhoffers analysis of the trees of life and knowledge, that the problem with the tree of knowledge is that it’s analytical knowledge, outside of relationship with God.

12/31/2021 an owl looking at the sun

  • last night, listened to a [[ Weird Studies ]] episode about Philip K. Dick’s unfinished novel, The Owl in Daylight, with themes of the impossibility of communicating the spiritual or emotional essence of an art like music to someone who didn’t have the right senses to perceive its form. Dick apparently heard the phrase “owl in daylight” on TV.
  • Today, decided to read an essay on philosopher Nicholas of Cusa that my father had recommended to me months ago. Nicholas agrees with Socrates that awareness of the limits of knowledge is the ultimate wisdom, and approves of Aristotle’s wisdom to affirm that “we are like owls looking at the sun when we try to uncover the deepest mysteries of nature.”

12/31/2021 Eight of Cups for 2022

  • drew this and wrote [[ New Year|a post ]] about it as my card for the new year, 12/27
  • drew it again as the first card of the only reading I did this week, 12/30
  • [[ Jessica Dore ]] posted it as card of the day, New Year’s Eve, and also mentioned it in newsletter on New Years
  • Asher drew it (from a different deck) in a reading for a friend New Year’s Eve. Besides seeing one other card from Jessica Dore, these are literally the only tarot-related situations I’ve witnessed since the first one.

12/26/2021 renunciation is important

  • Meditations on the Tarot says yama and niyama are the way to achieve inner silence/freedom
  • [[ Magic, Power, Language, Symbol ]] says it’s a good way to practice not being attached to spell results
  • Stumbled across the book Preparing for Tantra

12/25/2021 metaphor is what magic is

  • Ensouling Language analogical thinking is what writing is, and writing is what magic is
  • Meditations on the Tarot analogical thinking is the fundamental magical skill
  • Both of these processes mimic the analogical moment central to conversational hypnosis

12/16/2021 water as a (the?) fundamental spiritual medium

2021 Many references to Platonism and apophatic ideas in general among writers and thinkers I like since I started to become aware of these concepts.

2019 Cornish Piskie

The nature of this note situation is that some of the notes will always be extremely unfinished.
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