Greek Philosophy

Although he’s now considered a materialist philosopher and opposed to spiritual ideas about metaphysics, I’m sympathetic to Lloyd Gerson’s argument that Aristotle was actually a Platonist (a view which, for what it’s worth, was also held by most Platonists after his time). I’m also, in general, a big fan. What a clear, wide-ranging thinker and writer!

Aristotle had some unfortunate opinions about women (which was pretty normal for the time but, for example, Socrates was fairly egalitarian in comparison). Still, his wife was a notable early biologist and they worked together on scientific projects—so that’s complicated, and I find the fact that they spent their honeymoon collecting specimens pretty charming.

I wrote a paper on Aristotle and metaphor. I think there’s compelling evidence that he understood this subject in a lot of ways that we would think of as fairly modern (and which aren’t widely acknowledged).

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