The World card from the Fyodor Pavlov Tarot

A while ago I did a series of tarot card posts on social media. I pulled The Fool first, so I figured I might as well go straight through the deck. I managed to make one post a day for each of 20 out of 21 Major Arcana, and then I just…stopped. This may be an admission that I have never known exactly what to do with The World card.

I mean, sure, completion. Celebration, I guess. An end of a particular phase, maybe some rest, maybe even a hint at new beginnings. There are more exciting cards for most of those specifics, though. Anyway, speaking of new beginnings, I just got this amazing new tarot deck from artist Fyodor Pavlov yesterday, and it’s inspired me to do all kinds of tarot-related stuff like finally list some reading options for sale and also maybe start a new series of tarot posts. Of course, when I went to draw a card and get to work on that project, I got The World.

I will also admit that unlike witchcraft and a bunch of other things, I never really decided to study tarot (I actually learned to read runes first, thinking that tarot seemed way too complicated). In retrospect, I think I’m pretty happy with the way all that happened, because it meant I got to absorb tarot stuff organically rather than memorizing a bunch of information in a goal-oriented way.

I actually think I bought my first deck just because I liked the art, but luckily it came with a great book anyway. That tarot mostly gathered dust for the first few years, but I would occasionally pull it out and use the book to look something up. Over time, the margins started to fill up with my notes, which tends to happen if you experiment with tarot over time. You start to notice patterns where the things you learn and the things that happen in your life remind you more and more of certain cards. Years later, I have a regular habit of drawing cards for myself, I’m always looking for excuses to do more in-depth readings and I keep thinking of how reader Jessica Dore recently tweeted, “tarot is the tool that I use to store data and connect dots.”

Which brings us back to The World, I guess. This morning a few major dots got connected for me, and I noticed a layer of nuance around completion of things that may have been evolving quietly in the background for some time.

Like, when you accidentally complete the series of posts that you started over a year ago, or you notice that you’re actually a really competent tarot reader even though you never intended to become one. This morning, The World suggests I ask you questions like: What have you accomplished lately without fully being aware of it? And, what are you doing to celebrate?