snake shedding watercolor

I like to make stuff and I like to write about it, so naturally I like to blog. Except that sometimes, it has been pointed out, I seem to spend more time setting up new brands and blogs than I do actually using them.

It’s true and I’ve been through every kind of feeling about this, but mostly variations on excitement (new thing) and shame (new thing which, if past is precedent, I won’t keep up with for long). Most recently, I’ve detoured through stubborn defiance. 

Today I’m thinking, though, about how natural it is to keep evolving – how magical, even. In fact, I’ve been toying with a brand new definition of witchcraft: conscious engagement with the process of evolution. I mean, you could call that all sorts of things, but to me it sounds like magic.

And, I’m thinking about how obvious it is that, inasmuch as we can fit into branded boxes at all, of course those boxes will have to grow with us or else keep changing, and maybe for some of us even more than others. Maybe I should have drawn a hermit crab for this new blog occasion – I do love hermit crab magic. But apparently, the more some things change, the more other things keep staying the same.

 So, here’s today’s snake for the process of ongoing transformation. Thanks for being here again, and I hope you like crafts.