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Witchy Stuff I Highly Recommend:

General Witch Stuff:

⭑ Aidan Wachter’s book Six Ways is a wonderful introduction to magical techniques, and really all you need to get started. His follow-up book Weaving Fate, is a really awesome collection of powerful intermediate techniques and one of my top recommended reads for more experienced witches.

⭑ If you’re more of a kitchen witch or just love homey, gentle vibes, Briana Saussy’s Making Magic is another great place to start.

⭑ Ren Zapotek makes awesome video content, especially on trance-related subjects.

⭑ I also highly recommend Rain Crowe’s Village Mystery School offerings, which bring in a lot of historical and political perspective.

Psychology Stuff I recommend to Witches:

⭑ Anything by Carl Jung, whose contributions to contemporary magical thought are vastly underapreciated. He wrote a staggering amount and a lot of it is pretty dense, but Jung on Active Imagination and Jung on Sychronicity and the Paranormal are pretty approachable collections. Depth Psychology and a New Ethic is an interesting read by one of his students, also.

⭑ Anything on process work by Arnold and Amy Mindell, maybe Working on Yourself Alone or The Dreaming Source of Creativity first. Nobody can tell me that this stuff isn’t magic.

⭑ Adrienne Marie Brown’s work is maybe more political than psychological, but it’s genre-bending and witchy for sure. Emergent Strategy is another one of my all-time top recommendations, especially if you work with groups for any reason.

⭑ Modern trauma theory is pretty useful to have at least a passing awareness of, too. There are a lot of good and relevant books at this point, but Shake it Off Naturally by David Bercelli explains his basic somatic approach to self-treatment as well as the theory behind it.

⭑ Clementine Morrigan also has a great Instagram as well as some zines for sale around trauma, boundaries and somatic stuff from a witchy perspective. Highly recommended!

Ancient Greek Stuff:

⭑ I work with Hekate. Maybe not for everybody, but I highly recommend it.

⭑ Everything Peter Kingsley writes blows my mind.

Creative Magic:

⭑ As much as I love witchy stuff, I have to admit that the first time I experienced really magical effects was working through The Artist’s Way program. It’s a classic for a reason!

Miss Wondersmith is another crucial Instagram follow if you like art, food and food art straight out of a fairytale forest.

Unflattening by Nick Sousanis helped me to vividly understand the power of imagery in thinking and communication.

⭑ Most of all, I just recommend making stuff, it’s important.

Energy and Health Stuff:

⭑ I’m barely qualified to make a recommendation on this subject, but Damo Mitchell’s books have really helped me to get a sense of my own energetic systems through a qi gong lens. He also has a long-distance class program.

⭑ Marika Clymer does education on decolonizing/decolonized Reiki, and her courses look really great.

The Paleo Mom‘s cutting edge nutritional information has helped my family face significant health challenges; she really knows her stuff (and also has a helpful health podcast).

⭑ I can’t recommend Yoga Selection’s video membership program enough for asana practice. Pair with Susanna Barkataki on decolonizing yoga, though.

⭑ The Herbal Home Remedy Book is a great introduction to exactly what it sounds like.

⭑ Stephen Harrod Buhner writes much weirder stuff about the magic of plants.

⭑ Can’t finish this list without recommending going outside, it’s good for you.

⭑ Also, this essay. Just read it, please.