A couple of months ago I was inspired to do some work on protection magic, and looking back over the past year I guess that’s not so weird. It’s not a subject I’d thought a lot about in the past, though, so I had to do a bit of research.  

I wanted to have a gathering for people to talk about their feelings around safety and protection, while also embroidering simple protection symbols like the one in this picture (an Icelandic Aegishjalmur, which turned out to be the most popular and also my favorite to sew).

I don’t have the kind of in-depth tutorial that I would prefer for this type of embroidery, but since I put together a short PDF for participants (with printable designs for a few protective symbols), that seemed like a good way to get this blog project started. 

Want to sew some protective sigils yourself? Download it here.

iron nails for protection