Hi, I’m Laura Gyre, and I’m a huge fan of metaphor.

I like the way that the more you think and learn about it, the weirder and more magical it seems to get. Here are some angles I find particularly exciting:

  • ¬†Scientific modeling and intuitive problem-solving
  • Metaphor in spiritual, philosophical and esoteric tradition,¬†especially¬†tarot
  • Nature as a source of complex and elegant metaphor
  • Metaphor in hypnosis, psychotherapy and mind-body healing
  • Play, ritual, and art as embodied engagement with metaphor
  • What it’s impossible to understand discursively but possible to engage directly through the practice and tradition of metaphorical thinking

Of course, you can apply metaphorical thinking to all kinds of subjects. If you’re interested in a more immersive and personal introduction, I also offer tarot readings and hypnotic metaphor work.