Hi, I’m Laura Gyre. 

I’m into witchcraft, writing and the value of learning to make stuff by hand. If you’re looking for the crafts, you’re probably in the right place – though you might also like my Etsy shop (where I post a lot of finished products) and/or Instagram

If you’re more interested in the witchcraft angle, my perspective tends to be bookish, hedgey, anarchist, interdisciplinary and often weirdly inspired by ancient Greece. I’m sure all that will seep in around the edges (and I have my own book on creative magic coming out next year), but in the meantime you could check out my podcast, Laura Gyre’s Magical Thinking, my 13 Keys to Practice Deck, or this post: 8 Things I Think About Magic.

And…let me know what you think? I would love to know what you’re hoping to find here.

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