About me

Hi, I’m Laura Gyre.

I’m a compulsive reader, a writer, illustrator, web developer, and part-time alternative educator. I have a deep and abiding interest in the power of metaphor, as applied on both logical and intuitive levels. Another major passion at the moment is Greek philosophy, which I’ve been finding connects to all of the above in curious ways! Specifically, I’m increasingly interested in the deep, magical understanding of the use of metaphor that seems to have been a living part of the Platonic current throughout history, and I’m always looking for work that touches on that intersection.

On a personal level, I’m also pretty interested in habit design with a heavy emphasis on creative and magical/spiritual praxis, and I think quite a bit about holistic health.

The nature of this note situation is that some of the notes will always be extremely unfinished.
Questions? Comments? Write to me at lauradawngyre@gmail.com (or @me).