Hi, I'm Laura!
I'm a writer and educator who's intensely curious about how the natural process of learning, knowing, and creative thinking can transform the world. While there are lots of interesting perspectives on this stuff, I tend to be uncomfortable with how the conversation is usually framed. Some things I feel should be on the table much more often include: - symbolism and imagery, both conscious and subconscious (e.g., dreams) - how the mind is influenced by the body and vice versa - how environment and habit are actually part of our thinking process, too - psychedelic, mystical, and other non-normative mental experience - dialogue, play, and cooperative thinking in general Interestingly, a lot of these topics have not been part of mainstream discourse until quite recently, but they've always been crucial to esoteric and occult philosophy (and mentioning that feels like a good way to get pigeonholed, but there it is). On that note, I've written a book on witchcraft that's out the door and on its way to publication. I'm now working on a second book about metaphorical thinking and desire, but you know how that goes. I often struggle with getting my thoughts, which feel open-ended and connected to every other thing, into a linear form. One thing I love about tarot is that it's a way of organizing thought and experience that doesn't require that sort of artificially closed structure! Another thing is that it has a lot of Platonist symbolism (my favorite mystical philosophy) built in. So, I'm experimenting with this tarot website – which is very deeply under contruction, one card at a time – as an alternate way of sharing some of the things I think about, as well as, I hope, eventually a useful tool for other tarot aficionados.