a small daily ritual

This is a five-minute practice you can do anywhere, to help get the different parts of your awareness talking to each other. You could also think of it as an elemental balancing ritual, since different types of consciousness can be correlated with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I try to run through it a few times a day, sometimes with other people, and especially if I’m about to do something hard or make a big decision.

First, take a couple of deep breaths and notice what’s on your mind right now. Are you stressing about a project or daydreaming about future events, for example? Second, allow your awareness to settle into your body and notice what sensations you’re experiencing. These are often physical things like the feel of your clothes, your chair, or the temperature of the air, but could also include sounds, smells, and other perceptions of your environment. Third, close your eyes and notice what kind of imagery comes to mind. This is the hardest for most people, and if that’s you you can start out by asking yourself what color you would see if you imagined a color right now. That kind of question is good in general – if something appeared to your mind’s eye, what would it be? It’s ok if the image isn’t very visual or detailed. There are two questions that I experiment with in the fourth place: what do I want, and what is missing for me right now? Try them both out and see which one works better for you.

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