White Rabbit Witch School, Round 2


This is the page to sign up for White Rabbit Witch School, round two! This class will involve suggested reading and activities, an optional online discussion group and four approximately monthly meetings in the Pittsburgh area to discuss/experiment/hopefully eat snacks. The first meeting will be on the evening of July 8, and future meetings will be planned to accommodate as many schedules as possible. (If you’re not in the Pittsburgh area and would still like to sign up for the online aspects, awesome! Feel extra free to choose the $25 option.)

This class is suitable for beginners, but will almost certainly be information dense because that’s pretty much my whole deal. Topics touched on will include ethics, journaling, desire, spells, skepticism, ontology and language, somatics, trauma, social justice, self care, Greek philosophy, more Jung than you probably want, intuition, creative work, dreams, trance states, entheogens, resistance, vulnerability, rebellion and the value of discipline. Is it even valuable? We will definitely answer this question once and for all.

I’m feeling a real need to take this work in more of a community direction, thus the in-person participatory format and also the lowered price and sliding scale. Choose $25 or $50 as you feel comfortable, and feel free to book a tarot reading or hypnosis session if you really want to spend more money or get some more focussed support around your personal questions.

When I see that you’ve registered, I’ll add you to the Facebook group and we can go from there!

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