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Margaret Wallace was a bad woman
and she burned, in Scotland, 1622

blood spilled more easily over witches
in those days than ink, but
the charges were the usual:
consulting a known witch, healing,
maleficium and neighborhood dispute.
heavy on the neighborhood dispute, and

maleficium? an evil misdeed, wickedness,
offense, crime, hurt, harm, wrong, enchantment,
or sorcery. tautology, almost. her crime was that bad,
and she may have been burning too much,
before or after her execution.
before or after her execution,
her body was relegated to the flames,
in Scotland, 1622,

but the souls of witches are inflammable
and so, Margaret Wallace, intercede for us.
save us from this kind of definition.
save us from this kind of definition.
give us a witchcraft that burns from the inside.